PPC Management Services For Small Businesses

Fine-tune your pay-per-click advertising campaigns for higher return and revenue. If you are looking for more customers through ads, let us help you stop wasting money and drive serious results!

Drive More Results Through Paid Ads

PPC Management Services In Seattle, WA

Ratynski Digital can help your business catch the eyes of your customers when they’re searching for solutions, products or services like yours on Google Search and in the Map Pack.

How We Do Pay-Per-Click Management For Small Businesses

We at Ratynski Digital have years of experience crafting unique paid campaigns that help businesses hit their goals. We do all the work so you don’t have to. We’re able to offer things like:

  • Writing Ad Copy
  • Setting Up Ad Campaigns & Ad Groups
  • Optimizing Quality Score
  • Setting Up & Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Campaign Structure Optimization
  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Market Research & Demographic Analysis
  • Traffic Quality Audit

Google completely dominates the search industry, with billions of searches happening each day. We help local businesses target their customers through PPC ads whether they are targeting them on Google, Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram, Youtube & More…

We Help Lower Your Ad Spend While Increasing Your Return.

That’s the goal right? Ratynski Digital has a track record for helping businesses optimize their ad campaigns, and as a result spend less money with much better results. Ready to get started?

I am beyond pleased with the amazing work that Ratynski Digital has done for my business. Alex and his team were able to take our existing Google Ads campaign and triple the number of leads while REDUCING our cost per click. I couldn't be happier.

~ Brad (Actual Client)

What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

Ongoing PPC Management

Leave it to us. Ratynski Digital helps manage your entire pay-per-click landscape, from traditional Google search ads, to Facebook Ad Campaigns. Stay up-to-date with our live dashboard that keeps you in the loop with all of your most important metrics.

PPC Account Audit

Looking to get a pulse on how your PPC account is performing and where it might be improved? We will happily review your campaigns and provide very specific recommendations to help you improve your Quality Score, improve overall structure, and stop wasting ad spend.

Low Budget PPC Management

If you’re a small business who is looking to spend less than $2000 a month on ads, then your dedicated PPC specialist at Ratynski Digital will help you setup your campaign and continue to monitor and optimize your ads on a monthly basis for a low monthly cost.

Want To Know More About Google Ads?

  • How Does Ratynski Digital Handle Pricing?

    Our pricing rate is actually pretty straight-forward. Essentially it breaks down like this:

    • Setup Fee (Pricing depends on size of campaigns & budget) Usually between $500-$1000.
    • Monthly Maintenance Fee
      • If ad spend budget is less than $1000, the maintenance cost is a flat $100
      • If ad spend budget is more than $1000, the maintenance cost is 10% of ad spend. 

    Additional add-ons are available for purchase a-la-carte. Things such as:

    • Landing page creation & setup
    • Conversion rate optimization boost
    • Website re-design
    • Keyword research or strategy
  • What Does CPC & PPC Stand For?

    Put simply CPC or Cost Per Click and PPC or Pay Per Click means you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

  • How Much Do Ads Cost?

    Your Google Ads spend is determined by your budget settings from within the account. Google Ads can work with almost any budget, however in our experience we would recommend an ad spend of at LEAST $500/mo. You are only charged when people actually click on your ads. Your ad may show, but if people don’t click on it then you won’t be charged.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    If you are interested in running Google Ads, call Alex at 425-308-1107. From there, we will conduct a competitor analysis to gauge your competition’s spending and then make a recommendation to you about budget and keywords etc.

    We will also provide a breakdown of what to expect, and how many leads you can expect per month.

Serious Return On Investment Is Waiting

We Are Eager To Help You!